Human Rights 

So You Want To Talk About Rights?Sometimes I get really fired up over the simplest of things. One of the things I take issue with, is people blindly saying one thing while ignoring another similar, but more important issue. One of those issues for me right now is people doing anything and everything to help animals. Don’t give me wrong, I’m not an animal hater. I would just rather give money to Compassion International than to the ASAPCA (If I had the money to do so). Why is it you will voluntarily pay more tax money for the local humane society, but not for Child Protective Services? Children and animals are both being abused and neglected, yet we only appear to care about one.

Now hopefully I’ve got you thinking. If so, think about this situation. You have a dog that runs away. You find her a few days later pregnant. Now this is a big dog, you do not have enough room in your apartment for all the puppies it will have. Would you take this dog to the vet to have the puppies aborted? No, you would try to find the puppies a good home with someone who will love them, or at the very least take them to the humane society. Why is it then when a girl makes a mistake and gets pregnant at a young age, society’s response is to kill the baby? Are we really saying the life of those puppies matters more than the life of an innocent child?

Don’t agree the two compare? What about in issues of abuse? We’ve all seen the Vegan Facebook pages and the awful video they post This is an outrage! It’s awful and shameful to the human race, but so it this

I will conclude this with a finial plea. Do not leave dogs or children in cars alone. The heat alone can kill them, not to mention all the other dangers they will face from predators. Feed your children and your pets a proper diet so they can survive. Do not abuse children or animals for any reason. Help out by supporting levies for humane societies and protective services. Foster or adopt children and pets if you can. Lastly, if you can’t support your children or your pets let someone help you before resorting to neglect or murder. 

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